Level Two Training Program

Memory, Trauma, and Transference


This primary purpose of training is to developed highly skilled relational-trauma therapists. To do this, we integrate theory, research, adn strategic thinking with very experiential, hands-on, skill development. Much of the training consists of participants practicing skills under supervision. Many students find the trainings to be demanding as they require a high level of intellectual engagement, working with one's own personal history of trauma and relationships, and mastering a set of skills that bridge more than one branch of therapy. 

In our basic, Level One, training (in Germany), we integrate a modern understanding of memory systems with trauma body psychotherapy. In this Level Two training, we integrate memory systems with post-traumatic transference and group dynamics. Practitioners will learn how to:


• Understand posttraumatic attachment, family, and group dynamics

• Understand and develop a plan to work with their own trauma-based countertransference

• Develop a plan to lessen their own trauma-based counter-transferential impulses, beliefs and                patterns 

• Improve their clients' ability to hold boundaries, and to trust, after traumatic experiences

• Strengthen their clients' ability to initiate and maintain healthier attachment 

• Work with trauma in group settings 

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